Yes, You Can Have A Younger Brain As You Age: You Just Need These 4 Tips


“People who walk about 30 minutes a day lower their risk of dementia by about 60%,” shares Milstein. (Specifically, you’ll want to walk at a pace of at least 112 steps per minute1.) “Studies keep coming out that say, ‘This is the best exercise. That’s the best exercise.’ But if somebody is looking to just get started, just simply walking is really important for your brain health, and it doesn’t cost a thing.” 

However, if you want even more bang for your buck, Milstein recommends taking a morning walk with a friend. Why? “We need morning light,” he explains. “That morning light regulates that system2 that helps with your mood, focus, attention, metabolism, and sleep.” (All functions important for cognitive health throughout your lifespan!) 

As for the social bit: “If you’re feeling isolated, maybe walk with a friend or call a friend and make that a time to connect with people,” Milstein adds. Prolonged loneliness, after all, has been associated with more than double the risk of developing dementia. That’s not to say you absolutely need to stroll with a friend if you’re craving some alone time. According to Milstein, that walk can also serve as a peaceful moment for yourself. 


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