Yes, You Can Make Your Own Nut "Milk" Without A Strainer—Here's How


Store-bought nut milk often contains additives—while some of these additions can help the product from going rancid or smooth out the consistency, they’re not always the best for your health (like vegetable and seed oils). Nut butter, on the other hand, often comes with fewer additional ingredients. When blended with water, you’ve got a simple and clean nut milk. 

Be sure to pick your nut butter carefully and check the ingredients for additional oils and fillers, if you’re trying to avoid them. This tends to be easier with nut butter than nut milk, but it’s still best practice.

Plus, adding a scoop of the mbg beauty & gut collagen+ will add a creamy consistency to the milk. Not only that, but you’ll be getting a lengthy list of good-for-you ingredients in one step as well, including: 


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