Yes, Your Gut Health Routine Should Change With Menopause — Here's How


At all stages of life, gut health is about supporting the abundance and diversity of unique microbiota that live in our gut and help out with important tasks like digestion but also things like metabolism, immunity, and even brain health4. The goal of a probiotic is to help maintain the gut microbiome5, which as we discovered, could use the extra hand during menopause. The blend of probiotics found in MenoFit® was doctor-formulated to specifically support menopause—including key species like Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis to promote weight management and hormone balance, and Lactobacillus gasseri, reuteri, and plantarum to help support mood, digestion, and immunity.*

Naturally, a menopause-focused probiotic is key to reconfiguring a more relevant gut health routine. But on top of supporting gut health, MenoFit has an array of herbs, nutrients, and other targeted ingredients to help support women in all stages of menopause.* Whether it’s bone health, sleep support, or the unpredictable changes in mood—this supplement really does cover the full gamut of changes in our body.*


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