Yes, Your Smile Ages, Too — 3 Dentist Tips To Keep Teeth White & Healthy


“Health is really the foundation of all beauty, so a healthy smile will usually lead to a beautiful smile—not the other way around,” says Veytsman. That said, prioritizing oral care will ultimately lead to a stronger, healthier, and whiter smile as you age.  

“Make sure you are brushing your teeth twice a day using an ultrasonic toothbrush, flossing, tongue scraping, using [gentle] mouthwash, and staying hydrated to keep a healthy oral microbiome,” she notes. “All of this will keep your smile healthy and will even help you maintain the whiteness of your smile.” 

You see, building up the tooth’s natural enamel can not only buff away stains but prevent them from cropping up in the first place. And when your teeth and gums are healthier, they appear way less dull and dingy. 

A quick note about mouthwash: Traditional antiseptic rinses are incredibly antibacterial, which means they sweep away all the bacteria—good and bad—to give you that fresh, minty feeling. Your oral microbiome needs a healthy balance of good bacteria, which is why experts advise against frequently swishing with antiseptic formulas. That’s not to say you can’t use traditional mouthwash at all (for example, some may need to swish for medical reasons). Just try to limit your use, and perhaps opt for a non-antiseptic mouthwash that’s gentle enough for your oral microbiome. (Find our recommendations here.)


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