Your Halloween Horoscope Is Here—What Astrologers Want You To Know


It also means there is zero justification for showing up with a basic pair of vampire teeth or paper mask you threw down at the checkout counter when buying your La Croix and breath mints. (Unless, of course, you can back it up with enough humor to make the simplicity your schtick…stick.) Lights, sequins, and sound effects!

This extra flourish doesn’t have to take more than an hour. See what wonders you can work with some battery-operated LEDs tucked under strands of cotton or sheer fabric. Halloween is a notoriously frisky day…there’s something about those costumes. And it’s almost too easy to push it past the edge under an Aquarius moon. But before you go gaga for a Top Gun Maverick or a Euphoria clone, find out if they came to the party with a plus-one (or have one waiting at home). Attached? Don’t go bobbing for apples in someone else’s pond. Sorry, “But it’s Halloweennnnn!” is never a legit justification!

Another bit of advice for early this week: Protect your tech! As the moon moves through digitally savvy Aquarius on Monday and Tuesday, it sends a friendly reminder that not every app you download or feed you follow is, well, friendly. Nowadays, it’s almost too easy to pass around disinformation via meme or buy into 30-second product reviews from an “expert” whose only real credentials are TikTok editing skills. Just because you upload, post, and save to the cloud, how secure is your data, really? And are your favorite apps tracking your every move (and geotagging them, to boot) because you kept the location accuracy “on” in the settings? It might make your head explode to think about this, and if so, you should probably hire someone with IT cred to ensure that you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable.


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