You're Not Reaping All The Benefits Of Ginger Unless You Take It In This Form


The turmeric in our product is also packaged using this advanced PNS technology, ensuring that all of its beneficial curcuminoids are protected and optimally available for our use.* Together, these optimized plant compounds form a perfect match for helping promote joint and muscle health, digestive function, immunity, and more.*

As mbg’s vice president of scientific affairs, Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, explains “Turmeric and ginger interestingly belong to the same plant family (Zingiberaceae). They act in similar ways in the body through key antioxidant and immunomodulatory actions to support a healthy inflammatory response. While turmeric and ginger have their similarities, they also work via unique biological pathways, too, giving these powerful spices synergy and individual benefits.”*

Then, with 5 milligrams of black pepper fruit (and its bio-enhancer piperine) to top it off, turmeric potency+ comes together to make a supplement with ingredients that work synergistically. In fact, turmeric, the hero of the formula, boasts up to 10x higher bioavailability than standard turmeric extract.*†


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