Youth Leadership for Nation-Building


What our country needs is youth leadership. We need youth leaders who challenge the status quo and participate in nation-building. Unfortunately, many of our youth waste their time publishing Tiktok videos.

They get their education from influencers who do not respect facts and hold themselves accountable. So we must do something to secure our family’s and country’s future.

The answer is youth leadership.

What is youth leadership?

Youth leadership refers to the action of young people that helps co-create the future we care about. Youth leadership goes beyond building confidence and competence to lead. There is genuine youth leadership when we allow the youth to participate in governance.

From where I sit, many youth leadership training programs involve the youth leading the youth. This role is very limiting. We must allow the youth to become leaders in our communities.

The youth are an untapped resource that can help every barangay.

It is easier than most people imagined.


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